#100DaysOfCode r3 d36: In Medias Res

So I just decided that I need to start blogging, and that I’m going to start tonight. It’s been two months since I introduced myself, and I need to start somewhere, even if I’m starting in the middle of it all. I have plenty to talk about! But will you care enough to read? The only way I’ll know is if I start writing…

React App Progress: Drum Machine

So today, I’ve been trying to move the state of my react Drum Machine Application to it’s container component (link: https://codesandbox.io/s/8ylljx38p9 ). Moving the state to the container is pretty easy. The challenge comes in when I want to tell one of the children components, all of whom are mapped out buttons originally designed to individually play a sound when a particular one is clicked, that the state in the parent has been changed and that the button that was clicked should play the sound that was mapped to it. I’ve been using google to search for a way to do this, and, as always, I find seemingly tangentially relevant info but I haven’t made any progress.

I found a stack overflow question that linked to a codesandbox project that shared something I possibly need to do in my project, which is to store the array of data objects that my mapped components are using to structure themselves with. I figure that is something I can look at later, after I figure out how to send some sort of action from the parent component down to the children components that the parent’s state has changed.

I did come across a cool site that provides a number of solutions for common react patterns, but it seems my problem is too much of an edge case to be covered there.

Online Learning: Stephen Grider’s React and Redux Course

Over the past few days, I wondered if I should buy a supplemental Udemy course to refer when I’m running out of possible solutions to a problem while I work through my React projects. I started getting a good grip on React after working through Bob Ziroll’s introductory React Course on Scrimba, but I definitely need to look into how to use Redux and maybe look at things like component lifecycles and their methods from another angle.

Earlier this week, I watched some of Stephen Grider’s explanation of how Redux works, and I was impressed enough to give his react course a try over the numerous other teachers of the topic on Udemy. So far, so good, I have been watching mostly from the beginning. I don’t really know yet if I want to watch/breeze through passively or if I want to follow along through parts I’m a fuzzier on. Maybe a compromise will involve bingeing through to a challenging part and seeing how well I can follow passively. I really do want to see if I can figure out this Drum Machine project in the mean time though. Decisions, decisions…

I’ve also been thinking about learning Docker since it was so painful to try and setup Python 3.7.2 on my mac mini yesterday (this could all be it’s own series of posts, so I’ll leave those for the future), and guess whose offering a course on the topic on Udemy? You mean you could tell based on the section of this post I’m writing about this in? I was previously considering Brett Fisher’s Udemy course on Docker, but I have a hunch that Fisher’s will be very DevOps oriented while Grider’s course will be more oriented towards teaching developers how to set up an OS agnostic developer environment.


Anyways, I should end this post. I keep all this stuff up in my brain, wonder what I want to write about, and when I start writing, I can’t stop. I need to get this stuff on paper (or on screen?) for you all to read. I don’t have a comment’s system up (YET), but I appreciate feedback via my twitter

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