Alright. Here it begins.

The last few months have been great! I’ve learned a ton about react and it’s ecosystem, dabbled with Gatsby and the technologies associated with it, and I’ve been working through Django For Beginners. But I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of sharing my experiences here on my blog. I’ve been stuck wondering if I’d want to use another technology than the ones I’m using to power this blog. But here I am, five months later, and so is my blog. I’m sticking with the stack that I’m using now. It should be easy enough to migrate these blog posts to another platform if the tech I’m using now hits a dead end. I did want to add comments, but meh, there’s only so many hours in a day. So, the line must be drawn here, and I’m gonna work towards writing about what I’m working on regularly here, starting soon (probably tomorrow, even if it is Saturday).

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