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The Honda approach

I enjoy watching a Scotty Kilmer video every once in a while. I especially enjoy his reviews of client cars and why you should buy ‘X’ car. Lots of his detractors would say that he’s a crazy baby boomer who is obsessed with his 1994 Toytota Celica, and defaults to always recommending Toyota/Lexus or Honda/Acuras.

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Alright. Here it begins.

The last few months have been great! I’ve learned a ton about react and it’s ecosystem, dabbled with Gatsby and the technologies associated with it, and I’ve been working through Django For Beginners. But I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of sharing my experiences here on my blog. I’ve been stuck wondering if

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Hello world!

Welcome! I wanted to do this for a while, but learning has been getting in the way. Last week, I decided to finally commit to making a blog where I write about my thoughts and learning experiences as I pursue a career in the tech field. You might know me from my twitter presence, or

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