In Medias Res

For the last few months I’ve been working on a mock car dealership app I named Express Autos. Its built using Node, Express, MySQL2 (which is a drop in replacement for Node’s MySQLjs driver, so all of MySQLjs’ features work in MySQL2, but MySQL2 allows the use of promises), EJS and MariaDB as the database. I’m using the MVC design paradigm to keep things structured and it’s worked very well throughout building things. I want to start blogging to talk about features I implement, tools I decide to use and weird/fun things I run into while continuing to build things.

I don’t really know when I’ll get to a satisfactory point of completion with this app, and I should probably go and add a todo list to the documentation for the project on its github page. I’ve really enjoyed working on things and want to share my experiences here on the build. I wanted to start blogging but I also didn’t want to start and then stop because I ran into  a wall with the project and have to stop blogging, so I decided to at a point where I have made good progress with things, that way I can go back and talk about all sorts of things as well as what I encounter in the present.

I’ve been meaning to start blogging and what better time than now? Hope to be here posting on a regular basis.